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ProFill Technologies, Inc™ cellular concrete is an ideal solution for construction needs and offers a strong cost/value benefit for lightweight fill projects.

Cellular Concrete for Stronger, Lighter Results

Innovation has led to advanced strength, durability, and ease of placement for stronger, lighter, cellular concrete applications and results.

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ProFill™ specializes in cellular concrete applications including load-reducing backfills, soil stabilization, annular space grouting, retaining wall backfill, lightweight fills and much more.

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ProFill™ has been involved in numerous construction and building projects that incorporate lightweight cellular concrete.

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Contact ProFill Technologies, Inc.™ for your geo-technical and construction needs. ProFill™ offers a strong cost/value benefit for lightweight fill projects.

Lightweight Cellular Concrete (LCC)

Lightweight cellular concrete is concrete made with Portland cement, water, and preformed foam air bubbles to form a lightweight fill material. Lightweight cellular concrete has many uses and benefits. Cellular concrete is often chosen for its thermal and insulative properties, and ease of placing due to its lightweight design, pumpability, and flowability. LCC is also as a cost-effective alternative to traditional fill material in certain applications.

Cellular Concrete Engineered Solutions from ProFill™

Cellular concrete is used in building and construction applications such as roof decks, as well as geotechnical applications such as annular space filling, pipe abandonment, and lightweight backfill. ProFill™ provides a long list of cellular concrete solutions. Some of the most common cellular concrete solutidons include (but are not limited to):

Lightweight backfill solutions for:
  • Retaining walls
  • Bridge abutment backfill
  • Roadways
  • Utility trenches
  • Slope stabilization
  • Soil stabilization
  • Load distribution
  • Insulating Roof Decks
Flowable fill/Geofoam solutions for:
  • Void fills
  • Tunnel fills
  • Annular space grout
  • Pipe abandonment
  • Culvert abandonment
  • Difficult access fills

Cellular Concrete Experts

Cellular Concrete for Stronger, Lighter Results
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